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more fame

nothing much happens for ages, then lots happens at the same time

while i was working on the toon studio, a reporter from the new grid-world news dropped by and asked me for an interview. this was published a few days ago here. somehow in the interview i wasn’t sure if i came across all mercenary and what-not, but its pretty nice about me and my doodles.


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sl toon studio fame…

the sl toon studio (see previous post) has started to get a few mentions in the blogs…

Osprey has written about it on SLGames (see previous post), but also has a great pic of the sl toon studio set on the roof of her photography studio in Grignano posted on Atomic Raygun.

the rules for the current photo-competition have also been posted on the Second Life art news blog.

then the studio was also spotted by an intrepid second life insider reporter, who said nice things about it.

and i’ve somehow gathered a total of 4 mentions on japanese blog slrank. i have no idea what they said about anything, but presumably they quite liked what they saw. anyone know if there’s a japanese version of xytext? if there is such a thing, i’ll see if i can do a japanese version 🙂 The posts are here in chronological order…

toon studio on blog 1

toon studio on blog 2 (link to movie and competition prizes in English)

toon studio on blog 3 (paid a visit to my home spot in Amicitia)

toon studio on blog 4 (a visit to the Grignano photography studio. which is visited again here)

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i’m in the book!

woot! the doodle house made it into the official second life book. only heard about it the other day from a friend, so rushed over to amazon to order a copy, then spent a hectic ten minutes desperately scanning it for my house.

The Official Guide

on page 59 it says

… the suburbs can be a bit soulless, but creative residents have managed to add their own touches here and there to liven things up. Don’t miss Patch Lamington’s Doodle House; teleport there from Blumfield.

oooh, i’m all a flutter!

the book looks good too. i have to admit that i’ve already learned things from it that i never knew. fer instance, i haven’t really looked at the library for ages, but it turns out that loads of things have been added to the inventory library in the past few months.

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gone all commercial

i’ve gone all commercial and money grabbing. i’ve placed an ad in teh metaverse messenger. it’s on page 20 of the current issue. now just to sit back and get stinking filthy rich.

you can also see my ad as part of this slurl which links to the park and store in the centre of blumfield (that is blumfield as seen on tv, tho not my bit)

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in the press… in the hands of the press

this weeks metaverse messenger has a piece with adam reuters, you know him of reuters. nice big pic of adam using the special ‘reporters notebook’ edition doodlepad. see the pic here, on page 23. this was actually a custom mod specially for adam, which i liked so much i’ve been using myself recently.

the special edition should be going on sale soon… keep eyes peeled for when.

adam was a nice guy to chat to, and i think the sheep guys did a great job with the reuters news hud. i don’t know how many people are using it, but the rss style headlines with buttons to open web pages or teleport into inworld chat rooms are great ideas. the chat room idea deserves to succeed – tho dont know if it will. time will tell.

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i got a mention…

…on the second life news network (slnn), in the nice piece that Scarlett Qi wrote up on the Ramapo project.

makes me think, i should add links here to my previous appearances in the sl press. will do that next time i have five minutes to spare.

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