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event – toon studio class

finally, running an event in SL.

Osprey Therian has a SL toon studio on the roof of her photo studio in grignano – and we’ll be running a class to demonstrate how easy it is to create your own toons and comix using it. wednesday at 2pm SL time. see here.


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sl toon studio fame…

the sl toon studio (see previous post) has started to get a few mentions in the blogs…

Osprey has written about it on SLGames (see previous post), but also has a great pic of the sl toon studio set on the roof of her photography studio in Grignano posted on Atomic Raygun.

the rules for the current photo-competition have also been posted on the Second Life art news blog.

then the studio was also spotted by an intrepid second life insider reporter, who said nice things about it.

and i’ve somehow gathered a total of 4 mentions on japanese blog slrank. i have no idea what they said about anything, but presumably they quite liked what they saw. anyone know if there’s a japanese version of xytext? if there is such a thing, i’ll see if i can do a japanese version 🙂 The posts are here in chronological order…

toon studio on blog 1

toon studio on blog 2 (link to movie and competition prizes in English)

toon studio on blog 3 (paid a visit to my home spot in Amicitia)

toon studio on blog 4 (a visit to the Grignano photography studio. which is visited again here)

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sl toon studio

and now finally on general release… the SL Toon Studio. make comics and cartoons in second life. send to friends, upload or save to disk – no graphics editing required!

see it in action:

[ ?posts_id=328345&dest=-1]

also, really pleased to announce that Osprey Therian has reviewed it here, and has also made comics the theme of this months sl photography contest. so a big yay for Osprey.

(as a ps, i finally caught a performance of ‘the show must go on’. truly enthralling, bizarre, wondrous and good fun. check for upcoming shows here. don’t forget to take a tiny avatar outfit for the finale.)

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hint of something

patch and AngryBeth debate

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