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Jesse’s most excellent office

That’s Jesse Linden asleep in the foreground. Must have been my riveting chat!
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bloghud coming here

bought a blog hud. but forgot to click one of the many options i needed so that postcards would appear here. so if you want to see my last two posts, you have to look at the bloghud page here.

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i’m in the book!

woot! the doodle house made it into the official second life book. only heard about it the other day from a friend, so rushed over to amazon to order a copy, then spent a hectic ten minutes desperately scanning it for my house.

The Official Guide

on page 59 it says

… the suburbs can be a bit soulless, but creative residents have managed to add their own touches here and there to liven things up. Don’t miss Patch Lamington’s Doodle House; teleport there from Blumfield.

oooh, i’m all a flutter!

the book looks good too. i have to admit that i’ve already learned things from it that i never knew. fer instance, i haven’t really looked at the library for ages, but it turns out that loads of things have been added to the inventory library in the past few months.

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four eyed monsters update

well, the screening happened while i slept soundly last night. a few pics up on snapzilla – the one below shows off a neat doodle-y style build for a screen. i think it was built by moopf murray. neat.

four eyed monsters scrrening four eyed monsters ending

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four eyed monsters

happy new year everyone. sorry its been so long since i updated. i’ve been busy.

this entry could also have been called ‘gone all commercial, part 3’. out of the blue i got a call from johnny ming, asking if the electric sheep company might make use of the doodlepad in a project of theirs. naturally i said yes. well, first i said “how much?”, then i said yes.

Anyway, the project is in-world screenings of ‘four eyed monsters‘, an indie film showing at this year’s sundance festival. wow. the film features two characters who scribble notes to one another (amongst other things) instead of talking. if you head over to any of the screening sites set up specially by ESC you should be able to pick up a free special edition doodlepad – it comes in different flavours, try and get them all.

i’m afraid i won’t be at any of the screenings today myself… far too late for me i’m sorry to say.

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