boxy is best

courtesy of the second life herald, who picked up on a piece in business week. anyway, according to business week, when building in second life:

“And boxy … buildings and objects tend to look best in Second Life”

good news for me!  all my crap carefully designed works of art, buildings, vehicles, furniture and that is usually pretty boxy. capitalising on this, it is time for me to really move forward with my own sl consultancy/branding/building professional services company. i’ve got the name and the logo already, so just to prep up a web page and it’ll soon be time for the “first sl professional services company ever to be launched by patch lamington”.

now, before you point out that there are lots of professional services companies in sl already, ask yourself this:

how many of those were launched by patch lamington?

eh? got you there. so a genuine sl first.


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