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gone all commercial

i’ve gone all commercial and money grabbing. i’ve placed an ad in teh metaverse messenger. it’s on page 20 of the current issue. now just to sit back and get stinking filthy rich.

you can also see my ad as part of this slurl which links to the park and store in the centre of blumfield (that is blumfield as seen on tv, tho not my bit)


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one of me

well last night saw my belated rez-day party and the launch of my new business venture. read all about it here.


thanks to all that came along and enjoyed/endured my music. party was a bit shambolic as per usual. i really need to get a proper set of dances and things sorted out. another thing to add to my list.

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in the press… in the hands of the press

this weeks metaverse messenger has a piece with adam reuters, you know him of reuters. nice big pic of adam using the special ‘reporters notebook’ edition doodlepad. see the pic here, on page 23. this was actually a custom mod specially for adam, which i liked so much i’ve been using myself recently.

the special edition should be going on sale soon… keep eyes peeled for when.

adam was a nice guy to chat to, and i think the sheep guys did a great job with the reuters news hud. i don’t know how many people are using it, but the rss style headlines with buttons to open web pages or teleport into inworld chat rooms are great ideas. the chat room idea deserves to succeed – tho dont know if it will. time will tell.

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boxy is best

courtesy of the second life herald, who picked up on a piece in business week. anyway, according to business week, when building in second life:

“And boxy … buildings and objects tend to look best in Second Life”

good news for me!  all my crap carefully designed works of art, buildings, vehicles, furniture and that is usually pretty boxy. capitalising on this, it is time for me to really move forward with my own sl consultancy/branding/building professional services company. i’ve got the name and the logo already, so just to prep up a web page and it’ll soon be time for the “first sl professional services company ever to be launched by patch lamington”.

now, before you point out that there are lots of professional services companies in sl already, ask yourself this:

how many of those were launched by patch lamington?

eh? got you there. so a genuine sl first.


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happy rez day to me!

well actually it was a few days ago – but the party will be this saturday (11th) – prob starting about 3pm sl time.

im me if you want a teep, and if there is space in the sim (who am i kidding?) i’ll bring you over.  thanks to arbitar basset (sp?) i should be spinning tunes from the latest pop combos over shoutcast. failing that, some old indie nonsense from the 80’s, mixed in with contemporary swedish and scottish pop music.


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