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i got a mention…

…on the second life news network (slnn), in the nice piece that Scarlett Qi wrote up on the Ramapo project.

makes me think, i should add links here to my previous appearances in the sl press. will do that next time i have five minutes to spare.


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another pic of the couch

Lightwave Valkyrie was also kind enough to send me a pic and permission to post… in the pic Lightwave is modelling her team rocket av. nice. other than that, i really need to find some more time…

i also put the couch up for sale. in blumfield, at the doodle house over the park. i think it set it for 20 lindens or something like that. cheers.

Lightwave Valkyrie models the couch

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i got an IM recently pointing out that my blog URL was wrong on my profile. doh.

other than that i made a couch so a friend would have somewhere to sleep. it turned out ok, so i gave copies away to the members of ‘doodlers of second life’. a couple of pics flew back showing my couch being beautifully modelled.

Cocoanut Koala sent me the lovely pic below of herself sitting on the couch in her too-small doodle house. also got another pic to show… i’ll try and load it tomorrow assuming i get permission. later!
Cocoanut's couch

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still busy, busy, busy

still really busy with real life stuff. ho hum.

to give myself something to blog about I’ve decided to create a team of Mediocre Heroes: The Indecives!

featuring: Captain Hesitant, The Deliberator, The Procrastinator and Uncertain Girl.

as a test of who (if anyone) reads this blog, 500 lindens to the best (worst) Mediocre Hero suggestion in comments…

if no-one posts a comment by this time next week, i’ll cry.

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