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Another busy week

Another busy week when I didn’t do much (spot a theme here?).

Though I did find time to actually spend about 3 hours in SL this week… which was packed with catching up with lots of different people. I also managed to get some pics of my voluntary work for Maggie Marat:

One of the Ramapo volunteers checks out doodleopolous

A big picture showing the whole plot after the break…

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did something

Finally made some time to do a wee bit of building. Riffing on my own private island home, I did some classical doodly ruins for a teen grid project. I’ll upload some better pics when I get the chance.

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out doodled!

alex sloane is the sl identity of the web cartoonist responsible for Patrick Grey – and he’s brought the world of his strip into sl…

black and white cartoon in sl
Edit: now at Sawrey (48, 61, 34)

You can visit this in second life at Songnisan 244/198/68

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box on wheels

When I was in San Francisco recently I saw lots of cool things – as well as probably the most ugly car I’ve ever seen. No really. Then, at SLCC the pug-ugly thing that is a Scion was launched in SL!
Discovered that some people apparently like the Scion cars… in SL and in RL.

Some of them even blog about how much they like the thing. *shudders*

For the good of all, it is time to promote a better alternative:

doodlecar rocks!

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time spent in second life this week…

So far (starting Sunday), approx 0 hours and 0 minutes.

A combination of being busy, login problems and yet another grid shut-down.

Looking to the weekend: I’ll be away from Friday afternoon through to Sunday, so that total might not shift much.

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  • put interesting stuff on blog
  • put something (anything) on my webpage (
  • find time to do stuff in SL
  • after I finish doing stuff in RL
  • promote the ‘Doodlers of Second Life’ group
  • make some machinima
  • make some gadgets
  • make some funny-money

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hello world

this could be the start of something small

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